Tuesday, May 6, 2008

wheat allergy

Looking for anyone who shares my journey; my daughter has a wheat, egg, & peanut allergy. I am interested in recipes & susbstitution ideas. If you have any tips or websites to share, please contact me.


Latest Happenings

Well here I am again. Little delayed in keeping up with posting. Ha.Ha. Kids, life, & lots of new adventures going on. We have been wrestling on the search for a new car. As I type, my dear hubby is on his way back from Bham with our new to us "used" Pilot!! YIPPEE!!!!!! Great rejoicing. I'll now be able to transport someone else besides just our kids. Hey & we'll have A/C! Excellent considering the heat of summer is upon us.

Well I have a few questions, for anyone reading. Are there any techniques you are looking to learn? Do you have any techniques to share? Send them my way..